About Dateq

In 1970 DATEQ started the production of professional audio equipment for DJ’s and professional end users. The first mixing console series was developed in close consultation with the end users: the consoles proved a big success.When the Dutch broadcast market was liberalised in 1984 DATEQ introduced the first true broadcast mixing consoles.


For the pro audio market DATEQ offers a large number of different mixers. All the mixers satisfy the DATEQ criteria: a reliable, easy-to-use mixers with an extraordinary audio quality. Besides the mixers DATEQ offers a wide range of sound level limiters (SPL serie).

The broadcast mixers were designed using the know-how gained building mixing consoles for the DJ market. Since 1984 a lot has changed, but not the philosophy. Consoles are still being designed in close co-operation with the end users and quality as well as serviceability are demands to be met. Powerful microprocessors ensure a flexible, easily installable and – above all – intelligent broadcast console. Special emphasis is given to the communication section: of ever-increasing importance in the modern broadcast studio. The fact that, with all this sophistication and versatility, the consoles still are easy to use is what sets DATEQ apart.