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Multi-Zone Grand Cru, the most flavorful compact mixer for foodies in the hospitality industry.

The DATEQ Crew is a seven channel 19-inch mixing console. It is perfect for pubs, dance schools, conference halls and so on. The Crew has three microphone inputs and 11 stereo line inputs.

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Channel 1 is equipped with a talk-over circuit to improve speech intelligibility. This circuit is activated by the microphone signal from channel 1 and causes the other channels to be attenuated as soon as the microphone is spoken through. The talk-over function can be turned on,- and off with a switch on the front.

By default, two output zones are provided (master A and master B). Both outputs have dual tone, balance and volume controls. Optionally, up to four additional output modules can be installed. The volume of these outputs can be controlled remotely.

The Master A output is electronically balanced on XLR connectors, and also unbalanced on cinch connectors. By using the balanced outputs, long signal cables can be used, allowing the power amplifiers to be placed closer to the speakers. Master B and the optional output zones are on unbalanced cinch connectors.