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The SPL-D2 is a sound pressure meter. This device can be used both as a "stand-alone" device, but it is also possible to connect the SPL-D2 to an SPL5 limiter. The display consists of high-efficiency bi-color LEDs. This makes it clearly readable at a distance.

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When the SPL-D2 works together with an SPL5, the measured values of the SPL5 are readable on the display. The bar at the bottom can be used as a sound pressure indication, or as a reduction meter.

If the SPL-D2 is used as a stand-alone device then the measuring microphone must be connected. The display now shows the current sound pressure level. Once the sound pressure level exceeds a preset value the figures will light up red. This function can be used as an indication for a live band, for example. If the SPL-D2 is used with a measuring microphone, a choice of three measuring curves can be made:

The SPL-D2's settings can be adjusted with the supplied software.
[hr] Features

- Large clearly readable digits
- Can be used freestanding, or in conjunction with the SPL5
- Display dims automatically in dark surroundings
- Color of digits changes above an adjustable value
- Can be paired with the SRL-1 to function as a circuit breaker

- Supported by Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, 7, 8, 10
- Display brightness is adjustable
- Threshold can be adjusted
- Microphone sensitivity can be adjusted
- Limiter function can be adjusted