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The SPL3TS works just like the SPL2TS: a microcontroller continuously measures the input level and adjusts the output level as soon as the maximum allowable value is exceeded.

Firmware and software update July 2018 version 5.0.
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The SPL3TS has another function. It has a measuring microphone so that the sound pressure of a live band, for example, can also be measured. This makes the SPL3 ideally suited for live performances where the band brings its own equipment. If in live mode the sound pressure level exceeds the preset value, the limiter can give a warning to the band (a flashing light). If the sound pressure level remains too high the limiter will issue a penalty. It is possible to turn off the mains power through this sanction.

The SPL3TS has a built-in clock. This allows different sound pressure levels to be set for each part of the day. The built-in calendar supports up to 10 dates on which the limiter operates in "bypass" mode. All these settings can be set using the PC software.

Firmware 5.0 update
- Bypass calendar for entering bypass times and dates
- Soft potentiometers for switching off hardware
- Soft range settings dB limits potmeters
- Updated configuration software download via link
- Update available for all existing SPL3TS MK2 models