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The SRL1 is the extension for the SPL-D2 and SPL-D3 display units and the SPL3, SPL3TS, SPL5 and SPL6 limiters. Coupled to one of the SPL series limiters or the display unit allows you to connect a warning light and cut the power supply when exceeded. Coupled to the SPL-D2 or SPL-D3 it is also possible to adjust the settings via the SPL-D2 and SPL-D3 software as delay and penalty.


SRL-1 paired with the SPL3, SPL3TS, SPL5 and SPL6

When paired with the SPL3, 3TS, SPL5 and SPL6, the SRL-1 will respond to the warning and penalty status of the limiter. The settings are automatically taken over from the limiter. 

SRL-1 paired with the SPL-D2 or SPL-D3

Coupled with the SPL-D2 or SPL-D3, the SRL-1 has the ability to operate as a circuit interrupter at a preset sound pressure. Before interrupting the circuit, the warning lamp will signal. Setting the green/red transition also sets the maximum sound pressure for the SRL-1.

When the set threshold is exceeded, the SRL-1 will interrupt the power circuit for 5 seconds after the set time.

After the expiration of the sanction time, the flow through feed will be restored.


DATEQ SRL-1_Manual