GPM 8.3

Dateq’s flagship:
the ‘must-have’ tool for professionals.

The GPM8.3 is a very versatile, 8 channel stereo mixer with an extraordinary high quality. At least 16 stereosignals and 8 microphones can be connected simultaneously. Herewith the GPM8.3 is introducing a new standard for professional audio.



Each channel can handle three different audiosignals. By pressing the button you can switch between a microphone or a line input. When the line-input is selected a second button makes it possible to switch between line 1 and line 2 input. However channels 3, 4 and 5 have one line and one phono-input. This means you can have 24 audio-inputs within reach!

Another typical professional application is the balanced stereo master output on a XLR-Male connector; besides this connector there is a cinch-connector. Another nice feature of the mixer is the stereo AUX. This output contains the mixed pre or post-fader signal of any of the modules. The large 2×40 segment VU-meter is switchable between master, monitor, AUX and CUE. All microphones have an internal jumper to enable or disable the 48V phantom power. The master has a noise-gate which can be disabled with an internal jumper.

Thanks to the internally modular set-up, the extreme solid construction and by using only high-performance components we made the GPM8.3 an ideal partner for ‘on the road’. Of coarse the GPM8.3 has the specific characteristics of a ‘real DATEQ mixer’, which means years of satisfactory mixing! Because of the universal design the GPM8.3 has a wide area of applications. A perfect house-mix, AV-post production, disco or a multifunctional audio installation: The GPM8.3 can handle it…



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