The SPL3TS works just like the SPL2TS: the microcontroller continuously measures the input-level and attenuates the output level as much as necessary to keep the sound level below the given threshold.


Firmware and software update Juli 2018 version 5.0.
(see description)


But the SPL3 has another feature. A measuring microphone is connected so that it has the possibility to measure the audio-level from live-bands etc. This measuring microphone makes the SPL3 the ideal limiter for live performances where the band uses its own PA system. When, in live mode, the sound-level exceeds the threshold, the limiter can give a warning to the band (with a flashing light). If the sound-level remains too loud for a longer period of time the limiter will activate the sanction output and can, if desired, cut-off the mains supply of the band.

The SPL3TS has a built in clock/ timer. This makes it possible to program a completely different sound level at different periods of the day. The built in calendar allows you to program a list of 10 dates to switch the limiter to bypass automatically. All these settings can be adjusted by using the PC-software.

Firmware 5.0 update
– Bypass calendar for entering bypass times and data
– Soft potmeters for disabling hardware
– Soft limits for range potentiometers
– Updated configuration software download link
– Update available for all existing SPL3TS MK2 models