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The DDA-SA235D brings the convience of streaming audio to a (work)space. Use with or without app. Control using the app / remote / optional wall panel.

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The DDA-SA235D brings the convience of streaming audio to the workspace. It can be used with or without app. When the app is not desired the device can be controlled using the supplied IR remote and/or optional IPC-8 controller. When no audio is played the amplifier automatically enters standby mode to save energy.

The IPC-8 controller is JUNG AS500 (55x55mm) compatible and has direct access to volume control, source selection, play/pause and four presets. The presets can be used for internetradio streams or playlists (USB or Spotify). The mode (source) button can also be used to power off the device. Available sources are internetradio, USB stick / USB PC audio, aux line-in and Bluetooth. Bluetooth pairing is possible when Bluetooth mode is activated, the Bluetooth name is the name given to the DDA-SA235D by the installer. The device can be programmed to start and stop automatically using a week schedule.

We have a optimised DSP programme available for use with our MusicAll DA-CLM65 ceiling speakers. The DDA-SA235D can be mounted directly onto a DA-CLM65 speaker.

Installation is easy, the device can be mounted in the zone and locally connected to internet using LAN or Wifi. Power the device using the supplied powersupply or optional PoE module. The IPC8 panel can be connected to the device using a standard UTP cable. The analog aux line input can be used to connect a TV, beamer or any other audio source.

Direct streaming
When the app is used direct streaming from online streaming services like Airplay and Spotify Connect are available.

System integration
HTTP API and TCP API available for system-integrators.

Web Interface
Configure and/or control your devices via browser from any PC, tablet, or other device. The DDA-SA235D can be used in combination with a central Icecast server which makes it easy to manage radio URL’s for all devices at once.




DDA-SA235D User manual

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