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The SPL-D3 is a sound pressure meter and logger. This unit can be used both as a “stand-alone” device, but it is also possible to connect the SPL-D3 to an SPL5mk2 or SPL6 limiter. The display consists of high-efficiency multi-color LEDs. This makes it clearly readable at a distance. The color of the display changes from green, orange to red depending on the measured sound level

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The SPL-D3MK2 is an advanced sound pressure meter that stores sound clips for a minimum of 60 days. The sound clips can be viewed through the configuration software, or stored externally on a USB disk with a FAT32 file system. It has a network connection with DHCP and can also work with PoE+.

Configuration software can be used to read and adjust the SPL-D3mk2.
At the time of release, the device offers support for Windows 7 and newer. Normally, users can only view settings and logs. To adjust settings, an additional password and license file are required.

The SPL-D3 uses a measuring microphone to measure the actual sound level. If the measurements show that the sound level is in danger of becoming too high, the display changes from green to orange. If the sound level actually becomes too high, the display turns red.

Special calendar functions allow you to allow different sound levels over the course of a day and through a week.

The special SRL-1 circuit breaker allows you to connect an external warning light to the main power supply, for example the DJ boat monitor. This way, sound can always be played at the maximum permissible sound level, without affecting sound quality.

Theater mode turns the display off as long as there are no (imminent) overruns. The display will not turn on until it turns orange or red.

[hr] Features


– Large clearly readable digits
– Can be used freestanding, or in conjunction with the SPL5MK2 and SPL6
– Display dims automatically in dark surroundings
– Color of digits changes above an adjustable value to green, orange and red
– Can be paired with the SRL-1 to function as a circuit breaker

– Supported by Windows 7,8,10,11
– Locked by default with installation license
– Display brightness is adjustable
– Threshold can be adjusted
– Leq can be adjusted
– Display configuration of all 3 displays can be set individually
– Microphone sensitivity can be adjusted
– Theater mode


  • Easy installation
  • Network connection
  • PoE+ possible
  • Clear settings
  • 3 adjustable time slots
  • Annual Calendar
  • User-friendly software
  • No driver installation
  • Rugged housing
Technically sophisticated

  • dB(A), dB(C) or dB-flat
  • LAeq and LCeq with adjustable time
  • According to IEC61672-1
  • Measure microphone
  • Fraud detection
  • 60 days registration
  • Optional external display
  • Optional class 1 microphone


  • IEC61672-1 class 2
  • FLAREM II Cat.1, Cat.2 & Cat.3
  • NFS 31-122-1-2017
  • Decrét 2017-1244